Events supported by OPC Server plugin - OPC Server 4.0

Open Platform Communications (OPC) Server Plugin Guide

OPC Server 4.0

Only specific Security Center events related to cameras, doors, and areas can be monitored on OPC Clients.

Event type Event
Access events
  Access denied
  Access denied: A second cardholder is required
  Access denied: A valid escort is required
  Access denied: Antipassback violation
  Access denied: Denied by access rule
  Access denied: Expired credential
  Access denied: First-person-in rule supervisor absent
  Access denied: Inactive cardholder
  Access denied: Inactive credential
  Access denied: Insufficient privileges
  Access denied: Invalid PIN
  Access denied: Lost credential
  Access denied: No access rule assigned
  Access denied: Out of schedule
  Access denied: Stolen credential
  Access denied: Unassigned credential
  Access denied: Unknown credential
  Access denied: Valid card, invalid PIN
  Access denied: Visitor escort not supported by this unit model
  Access granted
  Antipassback violation
Door events
  Door closed
  Door forced open
  Door locked
  Door maintenance completed
  Door maintenance started
  Door manually unlocked
  Door offline: Device is offline
  Door open too long
  Door opened
  Door unlocked
  Entry assumed
  Entry detected
  Hardware tamper
  Manual station activated
  Manual station reverted to normal state
  No entry detected
  Request to exit
  Request to exit normal
  Scheduled lock
  Scheduled unlock
Video events
  Adaptive motion triggered
  Archiving queue full
  Audio alarm
  Blocked camera started
  Blocked camera stopped
  Camera not archiving
  Camera tampering
  Direction alarm
  Edge storage medium failure
  Face detected
  License plate in sight
  License plate out of sight
  License plate reading
  Live bookmark added
  Motion on
  Motion off
  Object condition changed
  Object count reached
  Object crossed line
  Object detected
  Object entered
  Object exited
  Object following route
  Object left
  Object merged
  Object removed
  Object separated
  Object stopped
  Object state changed
  Person falling
  Person running
  Person sliding
  Playback bookmark added
  PTZ activated
  PTZ locked
  PTZ stopped
  PTZ zoom started
  PTZ zoom stopped
  Receiving RTP packets from multiple sources
  Recording started (alarm)
  Recording started (continuous)
  Recording started (external)
  Recording started (motion)
  Recording started (user)
  Recording stopped (alarm)
  Recording stopped (continuous)
  Recording stopped (external)
  Recording stopped (motion)
  Recording stopped (user)
  RTP packets lost
  Signal lost
  Signal recovered
  Transmission lost
  Transmission recovered
  Undefined video analytics event
  Unit failed to respond to edge video request
  Online state changed