Known issues in SharpOS 14.2.1 - SharpOS 14.2.1 | SharpV

AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 14.2.1

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SharpOS 14.2.1 | SharpV
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AutoVu™ SharpOS 14.2.1 includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Hardware affected Description
2832395 14.0.0 SharpV On the Zoom and focus page in the Sharp Portal, the default exposure level of 50% is too high and often results in an overexposed image.
2804308 14.0.0 SharpV When upgrading the SharpOS, the Progress time is not displayed on Maintenance page in the Sharp Portal.
2765544 14.0.0 SharpV SharpV cameras do not support IPv6, but users are not blocked from entering an IPv6 address in the Sharp Portal Network page.
2765403 14.0.0 SharpV For systems using Syslog to connect the SharpV to a central TCP server, when you click Test connection, it might take more than 10 seconds to complete the test.
2434201 13.0 GA SharpV When configuring a Sharp unit for FTP communication, the Test connection button always results in a failed test.
Workaround: To verify the configuration, click Send sample.