Configuring the SpotterRF push script with an IS Gateway driver - Restricted Security Area Surveillance

RSA Surveillance Integration Guide for SpotterRF Radar Systems

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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The SpotterRF NetworkedIO application must be configured to push data to Security Center using an action script called Push Spotter tracks.json.


  1. Log on to the NetworkedIO application.
  2. Create an action script:
    1. Click Actions in the sidebar and then click the plus sign at the top right of that menu.
    2. In Script, enter the name Genetec.
    3. In Type, select Script.
    4. In the Settings section, from the Script list, select Push radar tracks.json.
      NetworkedIO application - Adding a SpotterRF push script.
    5. Enter the following information:
      Ensure that this option is checked.
      IP address of the docker engine. Often, it is the same IP address as the IS Gateway server.
      Port configured for the driver. The default port is 4243.
      Enter /api/Tracks.
      Username configured in the IS Gateway to access the driver. The default username is "Admin".
      Password configured in the IS Gateway to access the driver. The default password is "Genetec!1".
      IS Gateway web portal - Driver access credentials for the SpotterRF.
      For an update, you must re-enter the password. If you leave the password blank, the existing password will be erased.
    6. Click Add > Save.
  3. Configure the action for the SpotterRF default zone.
    1. Select the zone option in the sidebar menu, and then select the zone to which the action should be added.
    2. From the Actions list, select the plus sign to add an action.
    3. Under Type, select Push radar tracks.json.
    4. Click Add > Save.