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Security Center includes the following platform enhancements.

General enhancements

Genetec Web App is now the default Web Server role
The Genetec Web App is no longer in Preview mode and is now the default Web Server role for Security Center. Intuitive , map-centric, continually released, and independently updated; the Genetec Web App goes beyond the core of Security Center, connecting more of the systems you use into one portable interface. To read more about the Genetec Web App, visit
Unified view of the Security Center versions across your servers
You can now view the version of Security Center installed on each of your servers when monitoring server entities in the System status task.
Bulk acknowledge alarms privilege
The ability to bulk acknowledge alarms with a single incident report is now controlled by a privilege. You can then require that users acknowledge one alarm at a time and create an incident report for each. This is useful if you want your operators to provide more information when acknowledging alarms, or if you are tracking the time taken to acknowledge alarms (new feature from and want a more accurate acknowledgment time.
Single user print and export privilege
Users with this privilege can export and print report results like before. Others must now obtain the authorization of a second user with the privilege to complete the print or export. Security Desk keeps a track record of all the export activities. Depending on the sensitivity of your data, you can use this layer of supervision with new hires who are still in training or apply it across your organization as a security measure.
Map Scale added to Security Desk
You can now show and hide the scale on all maps with a configured scale. For more information on how to set a scale for image maps, see Setting the scale of am imported image map.
Google Satellite map now available
You can now select Google satellite map as a type of geographic map in the Map Designer task.
NOTE: To access Google satellite maps, you must have Google specified as a map provider under the Map Manager properties. For more information, see Configuring the Map Manager role.
Search field available in Map Designer
You can now search for a given map object on any chosen map in Config Tool.
New Display object name layer
In the Map Designer, the new Entity name layer allows you to see the names of all map objects within a given map. For more information on Display object name, see Configuring default information to display on maps.
New name for Records task
The investigation task Records has been renamed Unified report. This task is used to query the available record types.
Custom fields for roles
It is now possible to create custom fields for roles in Security Center.
Disable the HTTP port of a Security Center server
You can now force the use of HTTPS for all connections to your Security Center servers by disabling the HTTP port on each server. For more information, see About disabling the HTTP port of a Security Center server.