Configuring properties of intrusion detection units for Vanderbilt SPC integration - SPC intrusion panel 3.1

Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.1

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SPC intrusion panel 3.1
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To receive intrusion events and alarms from the SPC in Security Desk, you must configure the intrusion detection unit in Config Tool.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Under the Intrusion Manager role in the entity browser, select the intrusion detection unit to configure, and then click the Properties tab to configure the following properties.

    IP address
    The IP address of the selected intrusion detection unit.

    User information

    The name of the SPC panel user to connect the panel.
    The PIN you configured on the panel for the selected user.


    Network card
    The Genetecâ„¢ Server network card used to communicate with SPC intrusion panels.
    The Genetecâ„¢ Server TCP port used for SPC panel connections.
    NOTE: Refer to the FlexC and ATS configuration in the SPC Pro application.


    Keep output states synchronized
    Select this option to keep the output states from the intrusion detection unit synchronized with Security Center.
    Synchronization interval
    How often the output state of the intrusion detection unit gets synchronized with Security Center.

    Intrusion areas

    Synchronize ready to arm/not ready to arm states
    Select this option to synchronize the state of the intrusion detection area with the intrusion detection unit.
    Synchronization interval
    How often the state of the intrusion detection area gets synchronized with Security Center.
    Default delayed arming time
    The default duration of the delay used by the delayed arming command. If a custom delay is set on the Security Desk widget, this default time is not used.
    Allow re-raising alarm events on an area already in alarm
    Select this option to allow Security Center to trigger another alarm on an area already in an Active alarm state. If this option is cleared, new alarms (for the same intrusion detection area) will only be triggered when the previous alarm has been acknowledged.
    Perimeter arming mapping
    Select the Partset mode to be used by the intrusion detection unit when a perimeter arming command is used by Security Center. Partset A or Partset B can be used in SPC panel configuration.

    Back up panel configuration

    Back up now
    Click to back up the panel configuration. Select the local folder to start the backup.
    Restore now
    Click to send a configuration file to the intrusion panel. Select the CFG file to start the restore.
  3. Click Apply.