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Security Center includes the following platform enhancements.

General enhancements

Added support for Okta
Authentication Service role now supports Okta identity provider using the SAML2 security protocol.
New installation options for configuration settings
The Configuration settings page of the InstallShield Wizard has been updated with the following options:
Keep existing settings
Use the existing configuration files detected for an older release of the current major version (5.10). This option is hidden if Security Center 5.10 was never installed on this computer.
Deploy new settings
Disregard any existing configuration files you might have on your computer and install the default configuration files for the version you are installing.
Use settings found in <Security Center Installation Folder>
Use the configuration files found in an older Security Center installation folder. This option is only available if an older major version of Security Center is detected.
Retrieving cloud archives notification
You can now check the status of a Retrieve cloud archives request by clicking the Retrieve cloud archives () icon in the notification tray.

For more information, see Configuring the notification tray and Requesting video archives from long-term Cloud storage.

Security Desk offline mode
You can now use Security Desk in offline mode to search for and view videos with the Video file explorer task instead of the Genetec™ Video Player. When offline mode is activated, Security Desk launches without needing to log on. The Video file explorer task opens automatically upon startup and it is the only task available in this mode.

For more information, see Activating Security Desk offline mode.