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Security Center includes the following video enhancements.

General enhancements

Privacy protected exports
With a KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ license, you can now apply privacy protection when exporting video sequences even if the stream did not have the Privacy protection option enabled before recording. This on-demand workflow adds flexibility and is less demanding on system resources compared with real-time anonymization.
Archive report zooming
You can now zoom into recording timelines using the mouse wheel when generating a Time range report. This new feature makes it easier to identify gaps in video archives using the Archive report task.
Trigger re-export from Genetec™ Video Player command line
You can now re-export a given time range using the Genetec™ Video Player command line instead of opening the application.
Disable file browsing from Genetec™ Video Player command line
You can now prevent operators from browsing for video files on a disk when using the Genetec™ Video Player. When applied, the Recent files, Open file, Save as, and Privacy protector options are removed from the File menu.
Metadata streaming support
Metadata streaming is now supported for the Genetec™ protocol extension. You can enable Metadata Overlays in Security Desk.
Large RTP packets support
Support for large RTP packets on video streams for Genetec™ protocol.
Quick search with video frames
Quick search now uses video frames instead of thumbnails which allows the search to work with edge playback and video without thumbnails.
Display output relay states for cameras
The state of output relays is now visible for cameras. Normal (), Active (), and Unknown () states are indicated by a color dot over the relay icon. The color representing Normal and Active states can be customized or hidden, if required.
Multicast support for MPEG-TS
Support added for multicast with devices using MPEG streams. To stream the video, you must add the Teleste MPEG2-TS or Vitec MGW Nano TOUGH units in Config Tool. In the IP and port section, enter the multicast address and multicast port used for the video streaming. For more information, see the Video Unit Configuration Guide.

Axis enhancements

Output pin updated
The output pin state is now updated when the unit reconnects. This ensures that the state is always accurate and current in Security Center.
Second camera configuration
The Q8742 is now considered a multi-sensor device and uses 1 license.
Support for motion level events
Axis VMD 4.3, and higher, now supports Motion Level events. The motion level percentage is displayed in the archived stream as green bars.
Support metadata overlay
Axis now supports metadata overlay streams for all ONVIF compliant devices.

Bosch enhancements

People counting description
The Bosch People Counting event description is now standardized with other extensions that support people counting and follows a specific naming convention.
Inteox integration
Security Center now supports the new Bosch Inteox platform. The unit can be added using the Bosch Extension.

Hanwha enhancements

Support for parking detection
Hanwha now supports SUNAPI Parking Detection events. Parking detection is configured on the camera's web page and events are triggered when configured parameters are met.
Support for body temperature detection
Hanwha now supports SUNAPI Body Temperature Detection events. Temperture information is generated from the Hanwha TNM-3620TDY thermal camera.

Panasonic enhancements

VMD motion levels support
We now have support for VMD motion levels on the timeline of Panasonic units.
Support for S series audio alarms
Security Center now supports S series audio alarms. Compatible cameras can now display the following events: gun shot, scream, vehicle horn and glass break.