Updating the parking lot inventory of a specific tenant - AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0

AutoVu™ Free-Flow Plugin Guide 9.2.0

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AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0
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When the parking lot closes for the day, you can assume that all parking sessions associated with a specific tenant have ended and that any remaining vehicles in the parking lot belonging to that tenant have been issued tickets or must be towed. Using the AutoVu™ portal, you can update the occupancy count of a specific tenant.


  1. Log on to the AutoVu™ portal.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, scroll to the Usage details section.
  3. Enter the new occupancy count for the specific tenant in the corresponding Usage field.
    In the following scenario, if you want to reset the occupancy count for Transient parking, then you click the corresponding occupancy value in the Usage column.
  4. Click to save the new occupancy count.
    NOTE: To undo the changes to the occupancy count, click the icon.