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The following security-related issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Fix
Access 3139919 A new privilege has been added to control access to the Portal page for a Synergis™ Cloud Link unit in Config Tool.
Access 3021312 Parameterized queries are now used by the Access Manager when interacting with databases.
All 3104683 CefSharp has been updated to version 101.
All 3035622 To ensure accurate access rights and privileges, the Authentication Service role now cross-validates claims from third-party identity providers against the unique identifier of the Security Center user.
All 3022434 Path validation is now applied to some data injected from .gconfig files.
ALPR 3061250 Adding or removing users from the Patroller user group now triggers an update to the Patroller users list without the need to restart the ALPR Manager role.
Video 3044987 SharpZipLib has been updated to version 1.3.3.
Video 3043544 A more secure version of strcpy() is now used.
Video 2967503 Newtonsoft has been updated to version 13.0.1.