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Using TI EntryPoint Authentication on Mercury LP4502 Technote

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To register PIV-, PIV-I-, or CIV-compatible cards, configure TI EntryPoint Server, then install the TI EntryPoint Kiosk on your local drive.

Before you begin

  • Purchase and install TI EntryPoint Kiosk from Technology Industries.
  • Connect an HID OMNIKEY card reader and install the driver.

What you should know

The EntryPoint system has the following limitations:
Card and PIN
If you are using cards that require PIN validation, activating Card and PIN mode through the Area view task causes the unit and its associated hardware to go offline when anyone presents a card.
Special upgrade package
When you upgrade the Synergis™ unit's firmware, the EntryPoint package will be removed as part of the cleanup process. This does not remove the EntryPoint software from the Mercury unit or impact in functionality. However, you must re-install the EntryPoint package if you want to add it to additional Mercury boards in the future.


  1. Log on to the portal of the Mercury controller and navigate to the EntryPoint-Embedded page.
    NOTE: If the page is missing, reinstall the TI EntryPoint Embedded package from:

    https://<IP address>/MercuryEP/FirmwareVersions

  2. Enter the server URL and logon information.
  3. Upload the .ini, license and certificate files.
  4. Remotely log on to the TI EntryPoint Server.
  5. Launch the TI EntryPoint Kiosk from your local drive.
  6. Under Settings, turn off the Do PKI Check and Do Banned Check options.
  7. Insert the PIV, PIV-I, or CIV card into the OMNIKEY card reader.
  8. When prompted, enter a PIN to register the card.
  9. Synchronize data with the TI EntryPoint Server.