Adding a generic parking provider to Pay-by-Plate Sync - Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.5

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In addition to the parking providers available by default when you install the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin, other providers can provide DLL files to include their parking systems in the Pay-by-Plate Sync interface, where they will be listed as generic integrations.

Before you begin

You must have the DLL available on a USB key or similar device. You will need to copy it to the computer running the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin role.

What you should know

When you have the generic DLL files, you can add new providers immediately without reinstalling the plugin, or waiting for the next official release of Pay-by-Plate Sync. For more information on how to create a generic DLL file, or for the latest list of all currently available generic integrations and their corresponding DLLs, contact your Genetec Inc. representative.


  1. On the computer running the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin, copy the custom DLL file to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\MobilePBP\PaymentProviders.
    NOTE: This is the default folder location.

    Tip: Create a folder for each generic provider. That will make it easier if you have multiple generic providers.
  2. Right-click the DLL file and select Properties.
    The file opens to the General tab. Depending on your Windows security settings, you might see a Security message warning you that the file might be blocked.

  3. If you see the security message, click Unblock, and then Apply.
    If you do not see the security message, the file is not blocked and you can proceed.
  4. Log on to Security Center Config Tool.
  5. In the Config Tool Home page, select Plugins.
  6. Right-click on the Pay-by-Plate Sync role, and then select Deactivate role.
    After you confirm role deactivation, the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin will turn red.
  7. Right-click on the Pay-by-Plate Sync role, and then select Activate role.
    After a few seconds, the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin will turn white indicating it is active.
  8. Close and then reopen Security Center Config Tool.
  9. Click on the Pay-by-Plate Sync role again, and then select the Properties page.
  10. Under the Parking providers list, click Add new to see the provider that you just added.


The generic parking provider has been added to the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin.

After you finish

Configure the provider’s settings as needed. Because you can add generic providers between official Pay-by-Plate Sync releases, the Pay-by-Plate Sync documentation does not include configuration information for generic parking providers. For more information, contact your Genetec Inc. representative.