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Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.5 plugin includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2806873 5.3 When the system finds a valid license plate after performing a last chance lookup, it does not display the result in the AutoVu™ Free-Flow dashboard.
2243395 4.4 When you configure a full update schedule according to the local time zone, the plugin converts the time to match the UTC standards. However, when the plugin sends the updated schedule to the AMS server, it uses the local time zone instead of UTC, resulting in a double time zone conversion for the schedule on the AMS server.
Workaround: When you schedule a full update, adjust the time on the local machine to compensate for the double time zone conversion.
147638 3.0 The Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin can only retrieve a maximum number of 60 Parkeon zones, even if Parkeon’s system includes more than that.
148539 3.0 The parking provider AParc Systems has a limit of 1000 transactions per day. Transactions can include permit update requests, Live Infraction Validation requests, and connection checks by Security Center to ping the system.
Workaround: If you are using AParc as a provider, set your scheduled incremental permit updates in Security Center to zero. You can still schedule a full update of all permit data at regular intervals (for example, every night at midnight).
150805 3.0 After you activate a Pay-by-Plate Sync multiple provider license, the Certificates page in Security Center Config Tool will still display “0/1” instead of “1/1”. This display error does not affect the plugin’s performance in any way, and does not prevent you from adding multiple parking providers.