Reports for investigating past events from alarm receivers - Receiver 3.1.1

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.1.1

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You can investigate the events and alarms forwarded by the alarm receivers in the system by using several of the reports available in Security Desk.

For more information about the purpose, content, and use of these investigation reports, refer to the Security Center User Guide or press F1 in Security Desk to access the online help.

Security Desk investigation report Where to find more information
ManufacturerName receiver activities Investigate activities sent by alarm receivers and from the intrusion panels, areas, and inputs connected to the alarm receivers.

Refer to Investigating Receiver events.

Alarm report Investigate the alarms triggered and the major events that happened in your system (by only selecting critical alarms), who acknowledged a specific alarm, and why.

Investigating current and past alarms.

Intrusion detection unit events Investigate internal events, such as AC fail, battery fail, unit lost, input trouble, and so on related to selected alarm receiver.

Refer to Investigating intrusion detection unit events.