Installing the Video Translator plugin - Video Translator 4.0

Video Translator Plugin Guide 4.0

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Video Translator 4.0
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Video Translator

The Video Translator plugin must be installed on the Video Translator Server, and every workstation running the Alarm Monitoring, System Administration, or Video Viewer client applications.

Before you begin


  1. Install the Security Center SDK.
    The SDK must match your installed version of Security Center.
  2. Install the x.y Genetec Security Center Accessory Add-On.msi file.
    NOTE: You must use the package version that matches your Video Translator version. Example: "7.0 Genetec Security Accessory Add-On.msi" will only work with Video Translator 7.0.
  3. Follow the installation instructions in the wizard.
  4. Install Microsoft hotfixes.