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To ensure that the Video Translator plugin performs as expected, the following hardware and software components are required.

Software requirements

Before installing the Video Translator plugin, you must have the following already installed:
  • Security Center server
  • Any required Security Center updates
  • Video Translator server
  • Video Translator client applications:
    • System Administration
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Video Viewer

Security Center requirements

For Video Translator to communicate with Security Center and view video, the following is required on your Security Center system:
  • Your Security Center license must have a valid SDK certificate.
    You need to have a valid “Lenel Video Translator” certificate installed on the main Security Center server (Directory server). To verify that the certificate is properly installed:
    1. From the home page in Config Tool, click About.
    2. Click the Certificates tab and make sure the “Lenel Video Translator” certificate is listed.
  • Your Security Center license must support as many GSC-1VLEN plugin part numbers as there are Video Translator Communication servers and Video Translator client applications that connect to Security Center. No additional SDK connections are required because SDK connections are embedded in the part numbers.
  • Cameras must be added and configured in your Security Center System.

Video Translator system requirements

In order for users to receive event information from the Security Center server, you’ll need to install the following on the Video Translator system:
  • Security Center Distributable SDK.

    The Security Center Distributable SDK is provided by Genetec when you purchase the Video Translator plugin. It must be installed on every client and server machine that will use the Video Translator.

  • The Video Translator plugin must be licensed for digital video and have the required number of video channels.