Law Enforcement workflow - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ Law Enforcement User Guide 6.6

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.6
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Genetec Patroller™

This section provides an overview of a typical Law Enforcement workflow.

Depending on how Genetec Patroller™ is configured, some of these tasks may not apply to your particular situation. For example, Genetec Patroller™ administrators can disable Manual capture, in which case it won’t be part of your workflow.

Before you begin your patrol

These are the common tasks to perform before you begin patrolling. If you can’t complete the tasks on this checklist, contact the Genetec Patroller™ administrator before starting your patrol.

Task Description Where to find more information
  • Insert USB key
(Optional) If you use a USB key to download the required Genetec Patroller™ configuration data (e.g. hotlists, permit lists, etc), insert the key, and then tap Apply the Patroller configuration from the USB key.
  • Log on
If this is the first time you’re logging on, you may need to change your initial password.
  • Check cameras
Check the video feed of the Sharp(s) to see that they are working.
  • Check Security Center connection status
If the status indicator on the notification bar is red, it means there’s an error with Genetec Patroller™. Tap the indicator for more information.
  • Check Genetec Patroller™ download status
Tap the download status indicator on the notification bar to verify that Genetec Patroller™ downloaded the required hotlists.

During your patrol

The tasks to perform during a Law Enforcement patrol depend entirely on the situations you encounter. Generally, you’ll respond to hotlist hits, add or manage New wanted entries, perform Manual capture when needed, and so on.

Task Description Where to find more information
  • Respond to hotlist hits
Hotlists contain information on stolen vehicles, scofflaw suspects, amber alerts, and so on.
  • Manually add a new wanted vehicle
A vehicle that isn’t on a downloaded hotlist can be entered as a New wanted vehicle any time during your shift.
  • Manually capture a plate
Capture a plate manually, such as when a plate isn’t in the Sharp camera’s field of view.
  • Perform past read matching
Match previously captured reads with a new or updated hotlist. Performing past read matching in Genetec Patroller™

After your patrol is finished

These are the tasks to perform after you’ve finished patrolling.

Task Description Where to find more information
  • Review acknowledged hits
Review the hits you enforced or did not enforce during your patrol. Reviewing acknowledged hits in Genetec Patroller™
  • Offload data
Depending on how your system is configured, you can offload data wirelessly to Security Center, a folder on the in-vehicle computer, or a flash drive. Offloading your data to Security Center from Genetec Patroller™
  • Log off
Depending on how your system is configured, logging off may occur automatically when you offload data. Logging off from Genetec Patroller™