Required privileges to use the Mustering task - Mustering 3.1

Mustering Task Guide 3.1

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Specific user privileges are required to configure the Mustering task, monitor people count in areas, and generate relevant reports.

The following table lists these privileges. All child privileges of the listed privileges are also required.

For a list of all available privileges, refer to the Security Center privileges spreadsheet for your version.

Privilege Description Application
Mustering1 Allows the user to view and use the Mustering task. Config Tool

Security Desk

People counting Allows the user to view and use the People counting task. Security Desk
Modify people count Allows the user to remove cardholders from areas, and to reset the people count of an area. Security Desk
Area presence Allows the user to create and run Area presence reports. Security Desk

1 This privilege is added to Security Center when the Mustering task is installed. If this privilege is missing from the privilege list, then the task is not installed on your local machine.