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You can follow a trail of gunshots on a Security Desk map to get an idea of when and where a shooting occurred and to track the shooter's path.

The color of a sensor changes depending when a gunshot occurred. Colors range from red to yellow, where red indicates the most recent gunshot and yellow the least recent.
  • When a sensor is online and has not triggered an alarm, the sensor icon on the map is green ().
  • When a sensor detects a gunshot, an SDS Guardian gunshot alarm is triggered, and the icon on the map corresponding to that sensor changes to a red gun icon (). The icon flashes for the first 10 seconds after the alarm is triggered.
  • When multiple gunshots are detected, a plus sign is added to the icon ( and ).
  • If the alarm is not acknowledged, when another sensor detects a second gunshot, the gun icon changes to a red, circular icon ().
  • The sensor icons consecutively turn lighter in color after each gunshot.

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NOTE: When a breadcrumb icon turns orange (), it looks like a sensor health alarm icon (). The difference between the two is that the breadcrumb icon always has a black border.

Sensor health alarm icons turn back to green automatically.

The following image is an example of a shooter's breadcrumb trail.

In this example, the first gunshots were detected at the bottom right of the map, in the reception area. The most recent gunshot was detected at the top left of the map, near the electrical room.