About a Southwest Microwave RPM II integration - Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0

Southwest Microwave RPM II Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.0

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Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0
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Southwest Microwave RPM II

The Security Center Intrusion Manager role integrates Southwest Microwave RPM II perimeter security solutions into Security Center so that your organization can monitor, control, and report activity from a centralized platform.

After successfully deploying the Southwest Microwave RPM II extension, you can do the following:
  • Import a Remote Polling Module II (RPM II) device and connected sensors and auxiliary devices into Security Center.
  • Receive events and alarms from imported devices, and monitor them in Security Desk.
  • Monitor the perimeters of your property from maps in Security Desk.
  • Assign cameras to sections of the perimeter so that you can view the recorded video that is associated with events and alarms.
  • Silence alarms on intrusion detection areas in Security Desk using the intrusion detection area widget, or from the physical intrusion device.
  • Manually arm and disarm the intrusion detection areas in Security Desk using the intrusion detection area widget.
  • Trigger intrusion alarms manually and automatically from Security Desk.
  • Create actions for events that are received from the intrusion detection devices.
  • Trigger output relays from Security Center.
  • Generate reports of activities and events related to intrusion detection areas and intrusion detection devices.