Limitations in the Southwest Microwave RPM II extension 3.0 - Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0

Southwest Microwave RPM II Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.0

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Southwest Microwave RPM II 3.0
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Southwest Microwave RPM II

The Southwest Microwave RPM II extension 3.0 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
1361345 When you click on a warning message for a perimeter input in the System Messages window, the Area View task opens.

WORKAROUND: To find a specific perimeter input, navigate to the Intrusion Detection task, open the RPM II entity, and look for the input on the Peripherals page, and then on the Perimeters page.

1164550 When a device is physically removed, its inputs remain listed in the RPM II's Peripherals tab.

WORKAROUND: In Config Tool, from the Intrusion Detection task, select the RPM II, click the Peripherals tab, and then manually delete the inputs that are no longer physically connected to the RPM II.

1057341 Config Tool does not require the names of perimeter inputs to be unique, so it is possible to give the same name to different inputs. This can cause confusion.

WORKAROUND: After you add or rename inputs, open the Peripherals page, sort the Name column, and verify that all inputs have unique names. If required, rename inputs.

1024659 If the SDK Connection Password is changed on the RPM II device, the change is only reported when you restart Config Tool or Security Desk, or when you deactivate and then activate the Southwest Microwave RPM II extension in Config Tool.

WORKAROUND: When you change the SDK Connection Password on an RPM II device, immediately log into Config Tool, and update the Password that is set on the Properties page of the RPM II entity.