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Inter-System Gateway
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The Inter-System (IS) Gateway is a Windows service that provides Security Center applications, access to independent systems running as containers on a virtualization platform.

In the current version, the IS Gateway is used to provide access to tracking system drivers to the Security Center Restricted Security Area Surveillance (RSA Surveillance) plugin.

The IS Gateway service uses containerization, a form of OS-level virtualization, to isolate itself from the drivers used to communicate with third-party tracking systems.

The IS Gateway has the following characteristics:
Windows service
  • IS Gateway is implemented as a Windows service and runs independently of Security Center.
  • The IS Gateway service communicates with the Security Center application through a Rabbit MQ message bus.
  • The IS Gateway service communicates with the third-party drivers through the Driver API.
Containerized drivers
  • The third-party system and device drivers run inside containers on an container platform.
  • The container images are kept in the Azure Cloud.
  • Needed container images are downloaded and stored locally.
  • Container images can be added and updated independently of the IS Gateway version.
Load distribution
For systems using a large number of sensors, the load can be distributed over multiple container platforms hosted on separate servers.