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Genetec Clearance™ plugin

access policy

An access policy refers to the permission levels granted to various integrations, users, groups, and departments on a particular case or file in a Genetec Clearance™ account.


An account defines a customer organization's settings for Genetec Clearance™. There is one account per Genetec Clearance™ system.

Account Administrator

The Account Administrator in Genetec Clearance™ is a predefined user group with full access to the site, whose members typically act as site administrators. Only members of the Account Administrator group have access to the Configurations menu, from which they can create and manage users, groups, departments, categories, and access policies.

body-worn camera

A body-worn camera (BWC), also known as a wearable camera, is a video recording system that is typically used by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes.
Acronym: BWC


A case in Genetec Clearance™ is a record of an incident. You can share cases with internal and external organizations, and add digital evidence such as videos, images, and documents to cases.


Categories in Genetec Clearance™ are used to classify cases. Each category defines an incident type and a retention policy.


A department in Genetec Clearance™ is a collection of users, integrations, and groups. The department's access policies are added to the policies that its members already have. Users, integrations, and groups can belong to more than one department.


A file in Genetec Clearance™ is a piece of digital evidence, such as a video, image, document, or other type of file. Files can be grouped within one or more cases.

Genetec Clearance™

Genetec Clearance™ is an evidence management system that you can use to help accelerate investigations by securely collecting, managing, and sharing evidence from different sources.

Genetec Clearance™ (role)

The Genetec Clearance™ role manages video exports to a Genetec Clearance™ account. This role also handles communications between Security Center and the Genetec Clearance™ web application.

Genetec Clearance™ (plugin)

The Genetec Clearance™ plugin is used to export video recordings and snapshots from Security Center to Genetec Clearance™. You can also create a registry of Security Center cameras in a Genetec Clearance™ account that you can use to send notifications to operators and automate exports when video requests are received.

Genetec Clearance™ Activities task

The Genetec Clearance™ Activities task is an activity trail report that you can use to track and audit evidence exports and video requests involving Genetec Clearance™.

Genetec Clearance™ Uploader

Genetec Clearance™ Uploader is an application used to automatically upload media from body-worn cameras, sync folders, or other devices to Genetec Clearance™, or a Security Center video archive, depending on which .json config file is used.

Genetec™ Video Player

Genetec™ Video Player is a media player that is used to view exported G64 and G64x video files from Security Desk, or on a computer that does not have Security Center installed.


A group in Genetec Clearance™ is a collection of users and integrations. The group's access policies are added to the policies that its members already have. Users and integrations can belong to more than one group.


G64 is a Security Center format used by archiving roles (Archiver and Auxiliary Archiver) to store video sequences issued from a single camera. This data format supports audio, bookmarks, metadata overlays, timestamps, motion and event markers, and variable frame rate and resolution.


G64x is a Security Center format used to store video sequences from multiple cameras that are exported or backed up simultaneously. This data format supports audio, bookmarks, metadata overlays, timestamps, motion and event markers, variable frame rate and resolution, and watermarking.


An integration in Genetec Clearance™ is an external device or application that is authorized to transfer data to the Genetec Clearance™ account.

permission level

Permission levels in Genetec Clearance™ are used to define the level of access granted on a case or a file. The different permission levels include View only, View and download, Edit, and Manage, and they can be granted to an integration, user, group, or department.


A plugin (in lowercase) is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing program. Depending on the context, plugin can refer either to the software component itself or to the software package used to install the software component.

plugin role

A plugin role adds optional features to Security Center. A plugin role is created by using the Plugin role template. By default, it is represented by an orange puzzle piece in the Roles view of the System task. Before you can create a plugin role, the software package specific to that role must be installed on your system.


The Plugins task is an administration task that you can use to configure plugin-specific roles and related entities.

proxy server

A proxy server is a server that verifies and forwards incoming client requests to other servers for further communication. For example, when a client is unable to meet the security authentication requirements of the server but should be permitted access to some services.


The registry is the Genetec Clearance™ module that simplifies the video request process and improves collaboration between participants and investigators. The registry can include a list of cameras that authorized users can request video from.


In Genetec Clearance™, a requester is a user who can request video from camera sources of interest. This includes requesting video from a public or privately owned camera defined in the Genetec Clearance™ registry.


A role is a software component that performs a specific job within Security Center. To execute a role, you must assign one or more servers to host it.

video request

A video request is a request from an authorized user to a camera owner, to share recordings for an investigation in Genetec Clearance™.