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Genetec Patroller™ City Parking Enforcement User Guide 6.6

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In a Same position parking enforcement scenario, Genetec Patroller™ can be equipped with wheel imaging to capture pictures of parked vehicles’ wheels. These images are used to augment the digital tire chalking. When comparing images from Genetec Patroller™’s first pass and second pass, you can see by the wheel’s valve stem (or other reference point) if it has moved even a small distance.

How wheel imaging works

In a Same position parking enforcement scenario, some regulations allow vehicles to return to the same parking space within the overtime rule’s time limit. In this case, you need to use wheel images to see if the parked vehicle has moved even a small distance. For more information on Same position parking, see About overtime rules.

The Sharp cameras capture license plates, while separate cameras (installed at wheel level) capture wheel images. However, because the Sharp cameras are installed toward the front of the vehicle, and the tire cameras are typically installed on the rear of the vehicle (on the bumper, or inside the rear fender), the tire cameras are literally a step behind the Sharp when capturing images. When patrolling, make sure to drive past parked vehicles so the tire cameras can capture the wheels.

In the following diagram, the Sharp captures the brown car’s plate and returns an overtime hit. If you’re verifying wheel images, you need to drive far enough for the tire cameras to capture the wheel images. You then need to associate the wheel images to the overtime hit.

Patroller reads brown car’s plate, and gets an overtime hit. You can’t accept the hit at this point because the tire camera hasn’t captured the brown car’s wheels yet. 1 2 Drive past the brown car until the tire cameras capture the wheels. Then you can accept the overtime hit, and review tire images in Patroller.