Adding HID Fargo printer profiles to the Advanced Enrollment plugin - Advanced Enrollment 3.1

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Before you can use your HID Fargo printer to encode and print ID cards, you must add the printer to Security Center.

Before you begin

  • Install and connect the HID Fargo ID card printer and encoder.
  • Make sure that the HID driver and firmware are both up to date.
For more information, see the documentation that came with your printer.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. From the entity browser, select the Advanced enrollment role.
  3. Click Printer profiles.
  4. Under the Profile list, click Add ().
    A printer profile appears in the list.
  5. In the Profile field, enter a name for the printer profile, then in the Manufacturer field, select HID Driver.
    The HID printer configuration options appear.
  6. Configure the following:
    Select the HID encoding unit you want to use.
    Card type
    Choose from:
    • None
    • Magstripe
    • iClassSeEncoding
    Docking card support
    Choose from:
    • None
    • Prox
    • Contact
    • Contactless
    • MiFare
    Double-sided printing
    Indicates whether or not the printer has two-sided printing capability. Turn this setting ON if your printer has hardware capable of two-sided printing. When this setting is set to OFF, you will be prompted to reinsert a card if you need to print on both sides.
    File format
    Use this list to load the HID-provided file format configuration file to enable card encoding and reading. Select the format, click Edit, and load the format file.
    IMPORTANT: In order to encode cards of a given format, you must have the correct HID-provided file loaded in the File format field.
    HID printer profile options.
  7. Click Add and close.

After you finish

Create a badge template.