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Using the Advanced Enrollment plugin, you can integrate ID card printers and encoders into Security Center so that you can print ID badges that can be read by QR code and barcode scanners, magstripe readers or contactless card readers. You create ID badge templates to print and encode cards for an individual cardholder or batches of cardholders. You can also import personnel data from a third-party system to create cardholders and credentials.

Administrator tasks using Config Tool

You can use the plugin to do the following:
  • Create badge templates
  • Create magstripe templates
  • Encode and print single badges
  • Generate and enroll credentials
  • Use a web service to import cardholder data from a third-party system, such as a human resources database
  • Bind web service custom categories to Security Center cardholder groups

Operator tasks using Security Desk

  • Batch encode, enroll, and print badges.

Federation™ and failover

Federation™ and failover are not supported for this plugin.