Importing Security Center cameras into the CCURE 9000 system - CCURE 3.7.0

CCURE Video Integration Plugin Guide 3.7.0

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CCURE 3.7.0
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To import Security Center cameras into CCURE 9000, you must connect CCURE 9000 to Security Center by creating and configuring a Security Center Video Server.

Before you begin

Add and configure cameras in Security Center. For more information, see Configuring camera settings.
NOTE: Only settings specific to this integration are described. For information about other CCURE 9000 settings, see your CCURE 9000 documentation.


  1. Open the CCURE 9000 Administration Station application.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click Video.
  3. In the Video Tree, right-click on the Video folder, and click Video Folder > New.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the new folder, and then click Save and Close.
  5. In the Video Tree, right-click on the new folder, and click Security Center Video Server > New.
  6. In the Security Center Video Server dialog box, enter a Name and Description for the server, and select the Enabled option.
  7. In the General tab, and under Server ID, enter a Time Zone.
    Tip: You should use the time zone of Security Center, so your cameras are in sync.
  8. Under Server Info, enter the User Name, Password, and IP address of the Security Center server you want to connect to.
    NOTE: You can also select the Log on using active directory option to connect using active directory.
  9. Select the Online option, and then click Connect.
  10. In the Poll Period option under Event Action Info, select how often (in seconds) you want CCURE 9000 to check if Security Center is running.
  11. Click Import Cameras.
    If you have already imported cameras with the same ID number into CCURE 9000, you are prompted to overwrite the name and description of the cameras with the information used in Security Center.
  12. Click Yes to use the names and descriptions of cameras as they appear in Security Center, or click No to leave the information as is.
    NOTE: Clicking No can lead to cameras having different names and descriptions in the systems, as the names and descriptions of cameras cannot be pulled from the CCURE 9000 system into Security Center.
  13. Click Save and Close.


You can now view video from your Security Center cameras in the CCURE 9000 Monitoring Station application. For information about viewing video in CCURE 9000, see your CCURE 9000 documentation.