Creating the Correlation Rules Engine roles - Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0

Genetec Citigraf™ Command User Guide 2.0

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Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0
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You only need to create Correlation Rules Engine roles if you have defined correlation rules in your system.

What you should know

A correlation rule is a set of user-defined data queries based on a correlation hypothesis. When alerts are received in Genetec Citigraf™, the correlation rules are automatically matched against the available data sources to validate the hypothesis. When a match is found (called a hit), a new alert is generated.

The Correlation Rules Engine role (rules engine in short) is the role dedicated to the processing of correlation rules in Genetec Citigraf™.

Correlation rules are configured in Config Tool in the Correlation rules page of the Correlation Service role. If you have many complex correlation rules in your system, you can create multiple rules engines and host them on different expansion servers to distribute the workload.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Click Add en entity (), then click Plugin.
  3. In the Creating a role dialog box, select Correlation Rule Engine, and follow the instructions of the wizard.