Deploying Genetec Citigraf™ Command - Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0

Genetec Citigraf™ Command User Guide 2.0

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Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0
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To deploy Genetec Citigraf™ Command for your city, you need to install and configure the Correlation Service role, the Correlation Rules Engine role, the Security Center Data Correlation Adapter role, and the plugin roles for the integration of the external data sources that your city might need, such as computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, gunshot detection notification system, record management system (RMS), and so on.

Before you begin

  • Read the release notes for any known issues, limitations, supported firmware, and other information about this release.
  • Make sure that your Security Center license includes the following certificates:
    Genetec Citigraf™ Command
    Number of Security Desk workstations that can simultaneously run Genetec Citigraf™ Command.
    Genetec Citigraf™ Correlation Service/Rules Engine
    Number of Genetec Citigraf™ roles you can have on your system. You need a minimum of two. One for the Correlation Service and one for the Correlation Rules Engine. If you create many correlation rules in your system, you might need a higher role count to accommodate for the extra Correlation Rules Engine roles you need to create.
    Certificates for the plugins you need
    Genetec Citigraf™ gathers information from various data sources. Make sure you have a certificate for each data integration plugin you need.
  • Acquire the Genetec Citigraf™ installation package from one of our representatives.

What you should know

The Genetec Citigraf™ installation package includes all core Genetec Citigraf™ components. You only need to create in Config Tool the components you need.


  1. Install Genetec Citigraf™ Command.
  2. Create the Correlation Service role.
  3. Create the Correlation Rule Engine roles.
  4. Register the data sources used by your city for decision support.
    A data source is registered to Genetec Citigraf™ through the creation of a data integration plugin role and selecting the option to use the integrated data for correlation. Do all of the following that apply.
  5. Configure specific search criteria for each registered data source in your system.
  6. Define the correlation rules for your system.
  7. Configure the alert display options in Security Desk.