Viewing correlated data about a Genetec Citigraf™ alert - Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0

Genetec Citigraf™ Command User Guide 2.0

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Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0
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You can view the data that correlate with an alert in the Alert details task by double-clicking the alert row in the alert tray or the alert icon on the map.

What you should know

Correlation refers to the relationship that exists between two data sources A and B: when behavior X is observed on A, behavior Y is expected to be observed on B. Genetec Citigraf™ operates on the basis of these correlations to find relevant information to assist the public safety responders.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • Double-click an alert in the alert tray.
    • Double-click an alert icon on the map.
    • Click the Investigate button in the alert overview window.
    The Alert details task opens on the selected alert using the display options saved in your user profile. The right side of the task window displays a map centered on the alert you selected, with related information found through basic correlation. The left side of the task window displays the same information divided into the following groups: Overview, Cameras, Social media, People, Vehicles, and Events.

  2. If necessary, at the top-right corner of the page, use the slider to increase or decrease the radius surrounding the alert.
  3. (Optional) Change how far back you want to search for related information for by clicking , and then selecting a time range.
  4. (Optional) Refine your correlated data search by adding alert filters.
  5. To further investigate the alert, you can do the following:
    • To view the summary information about any related alert or event displayed on the map, click the icon on the map.
    • To filter the information displayed on the map, click Show/hide layers () and select the layers you want to want to see.
    • To center the map on the piece of information shown in a thumbnail to the left, click the thumbnail.
    • To re-center the map on the original alert, click Center alert on map ().
    • To view more information about a piece of data shown in a thumbnail, point to the thumbnail to view a brief summary, then click Show details to view the detailed summary.

      If a piece of information is important to this alert, click Pin to alert () in the detailed summary window to pin that information to the Overview page of this alert.