What is Genetec Citigraf™? - Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0

Genetec Citigraf™ Command User Guide 2.0

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Genetec Citigraf™ is a decision support system (DSS) that assists public safety departments such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency management, to collaborate, plan for, identify, and respond to situations happening in the city. It unifies public safety operations through situational awareness and the proper dissemination of information. To learn more about Genetec Citigraf™, refer to the Genetec.com resource hub.

To enhance the situational awareness of public safety teams, the decision support system gathers information from various data sources based on time and geographic locations (GPS coordinates) for correlation analysis.

Genetec Citigraf™ uses the following types of data:
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) data
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) calls
  • Record Management System (RMS) information
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) reads
  • Gunshot detection notifications
  • Social media news feeds
  • Video surveillance related events

When alerts are received in Security Desk, the personnel at the public safety monitoring and dispatch center can quickly respond and make decisions based on data that correlate with the alert, and then relay the derived intelligence to field personnel.

Genetec Citigraf™ modules

Genetec Citigraf™ is available in different modules, covering all computer platforms and environment where you might need to access the decision support intelligence.

Genetec Citigraf™ Command
Genetec Citigraf™ Command is an add-on module for Security Center. It allows Security Desk operators to receive public safety alerts and make better decisions by correlating events from various data sources to the situation they are facing, and by showing their respective locations on the map.
Genetec Citigraf™ Auto
Genetec Citigraf™ Auto is an add-on module for Genetec Patroller™. It enhances the situational awareness of patrol vehicle operators by showing correlated events from various sources on their portable data terminal.
Genetec Citigraf™ Mobile
Genetec Citigraf™ Mobile is the mobile app designed to bring the intelligence derived from the correlation of various data sources to smartphone and tablet users.