Configuring the TagTracker Bridge - TagTracker 3.0

TagTracker Plugin Guide 3.0

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You must configure the TagTracker Bridge settings on each workstation that is controlling generic USB scanners.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the TagTracker Bridge is installed on your workstation.
  • Ensure that a generic USB scanner is connected to your workstation.

What you should know

You must complete this process on every workstation that is controlling generic USB scanners.


  1. Open the C:Program Files (x86)\Genetec TagTracker Bridge folder and double-click TagTracker.Bridge.Configuration.exe.
    The TagTracker Bridge configuration application opens.
  2. Verify that the status is Running.
  3. In the Port field, enter a value.
    The default value is 10000.
  4. Add a generic USB scanner:
    1. Click Add ().
      The Scanner properties window opens.
    2. Enter a name for the generic USB scanner.
    3. Specify the following:
      • Communications port
      • Baud rate
      • Data bits
      • Parity
      • Stop bits
      TagTracker Bridge configuration
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click Save.


The TagTracker Bridge is configured on the workstation.
NOTE: If you move the scanner to a different workstation, you must copy the BridgeConfiguration.xml file to the other machine to maintain the ID of the scanner unit.