Configuring the AMAG Symmetry proxy service - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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AMAG Symmetry 3.1
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After you install the proxy service, you must configure it to connect to the AMAG Symmetry server. You can also change the ports used by the proxy service, and change the polling frequency of different entities.


  1. Open the Amag Symmetry Proxy Configuration Page.
    1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
    2. In the Plugins task, select the AMAG Symmetry plugin from the entity browser.
    3. From the Properties tab, click the Configure proxy button.
    NOTE: If the Amag Symmetry Proxy Configuration Page does not open, make sure that the port number configured in the Properties tab of the plugin role and the port number in the proxy configuration file match. To change port numbers, see Configuring the proxy ports.
  2. Connect the proxy service to the AMAG Symmetry server by configuring the following fields:
    The hostname of the AMAG Symmetry server that runs Symmetry XML Open Integration Module.
    Username and Password
    The credentials for a user account in Symmetry SMS. The proxy must be configured to use the same credentials as the plugin role.
  3. Click Save in the Amag Symmetry section.
    NOTE: After the initial connection is established between the proxy service and the AMAG Symmetry server, the values you entered in the Host, Username, and Password fields are saved, and do not need to be re-entered.
  4. Optional: Configure the following settings:


    Proxy Port
    The configuration proxy service port used by the plugin to configure the proxy. The default value is 1312. Changes take effect after restarting the proxy service.
    Symmetry Service Port
    The communication channel port between the plugin and the proxy service connected to AMAG Symmetry. The default value is 1313. Changes take effect after restarting the proxy service.

    Amag Symmetry

    Api Version
    The API version must be equal to or lower than the version of the Symmetry XML Open Integration Module web service that is installed on the AMAG Symmetry server. The default value is 8.1.0.
    Enable door status retrieval
    If you want the door icons in Security Center to indicate when a Symmetry door is open or closed, select the Enable door status retrieval check box, and make sure that the Door Status on Graphics option is enabled in Symmetry SMS.
    IMPORTANT: If, for performance issues, the Door Status on Graphics option is disabled in Symmetry SMS, then you must clear the Enable door status retrieval checkbox in the AMAG Symmetry proxy service, otherwise the proxy service will fail.

    Polling frequency

    Polling frequency (seconds)
    The proxy service checks for changes to entities, events, and alarms at regular intervals. The polling frequency sets how long the proxy waits to start polling after the last set of changes were received. The default frequency is 5 seconds. You can increase or decrease the polling frequency as needed.
    Set Polling Frequency to 0 if you need updates continuously and the computer that hosts the Symmetry XML Open Integration Module is powerful enough to handle the load.
    Set Polling Frequency to -1 to stop checking for updates.
    NOTE: Make sure to save your changes. Each section of settings has a separate Save button used to apply the changes made to that section only.