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AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The AMAG Symmetry plugin 3.1 includes the following limitations:

Issue Description
1105711 The Locked and Unlocked door states, and the Enabled and Disabled reader states in AMAG Symmetry are not properly reflected in Security Center. In Security Center, doors always appear as Locked. When connected, readers appear as Running, whether they are Enabled or Disabled. When not connected, readers appear as Not running (the reader icon and name are red).
1058674 If you generate a report from the Visitor activities task with event filters selected, the query fails.
1051256 In the Peripherals tab of the plugin, the states of auxiliary outputs are not displayed.
1002928 Security Center cannot receive input state change events from monitored inputs in Security Desk when these inputs are associated to an intrusion detection area.
945464 The Description column in the event list of the Monitoring task is empty for the Door closed, Door open too long, and Door forced open events.
941009 When retrieving PersonalDataTitles, using the G4TGetPersonalDataTitle API call, you receive a CommunicationException error if you have any CardHolderDataTitle with the Email category type.
Workaround: Do not use the Email category type.
935449 After creating alarms in Security Desk, not all of them are listed in bold in the event list of the Monitoring task.