Viewing your downloaded plate lists in Genetec Patroller™ - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ University Parking Enforcement User Guide 6.6

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.6
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Genetec Patroller™

If you want to see information on files that were downloaded to Genetec Patroller™, such as hotlists or permit lists, you can view your list of downloads from the Plate lists screen.


To view your downloaded plate lists:

In the main Genetec Patroller™ window, tap Status, then tap Plate lists.


The Plate lists window provides the following information:
The status of the hotlist or permit list is displayed by the status indicator icon located beside the plate list name. The color of the status indicator icon changes depending on the status of a hotlist or permit list download:
Hotlist/permit list is loaded and ready.
Hotlist/permit list is downloading.
Error on Genetec Patroller™ side. Check for errors and/or restart the application.
There is no hotlist or permit list to load.
Plate list
Name of the download file. The type of file downloaded is represented by the icon to the left of the file name. For example, a hotlist will display the law enforcement icon () and a permit list will display the permit icon ().
Last modified
When the file was last edited or changed. In the case of a hotlist, this is the time the hotlist was modified, not the time it was downloaded.
Nb. of entries
The number of entries in the list.
Last synchronized
When the file was last downloaded to Genetec Patroller™.