How OnGuard alarms work with Security Center - OnGuard 5.0

OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.0

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OnGuard 5.0
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The plugin automatically synchronizes OnGuard alarms using alarm entities in Security Center. It automatically triggers alarms in Security Center when the corresponding events are received from OnGuard. You can also acknowledge alarms in Security Center.

Alarm monitoring

When you monitor OnGuard alarms in Security Center, you will observe the following:
  • OnGuard alarms can be monitored like any other Security Center alarms using the Alarm monitoring task in Security Desk.
  • Alarms triggered in OnGuard are immediately triggered in Security Center.
  • When Security Center initially connects to the OnGuard server, the alarms that are currently active in OnGuard are not triggered in Security Center. After the initial connection, when the plugin loses its connection and reconnects, then the alarm triggers that were missed in OnGuard will be recovered and triggered in Security Center.
  • You cannot trigger alarms in OnGuard from Security Center.

Alarm acknowledgement

When you acknowledge OnGuard alarms in Security Center, consider the following:
  • Alarms acknowledged in Security Center will immediately be acknowledged in OnGuard.
  • Alarms acknowledged in OnGuard are not acknowledged in Security Center.
  • If you acknowledge an alarm in Security Center while the plugin is disconnected from OnGuard, the alarm is automatically acknowledged in OnGuard when it reconnects.

Alarm reports

You can generate alarm reports. However, if an alarm is activated and acknowledged while the plugin is disconnected from the server, the alarm will not be reported in Security Center.

For information about monitoring and acknowledging alarms, and generating alarm reports Security Desk, see the Security Center User Guide. You can the guide by pressing F1 in Security Desk.