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It is important to know which entities and related properties can be synchronized by the OnGuard plugin. Not all entities and properties from an OnGuard system can be synchronized with Security Center in real time. For example, if you update the name of the device in the OnGuard system, the change will not be reflected in Security Center automatically. However if when a reader is created or deleted in the OnGuard system, a manual synchronization must be performed in Security Center to see the changes.

The following table lists entities and properties that are synchronized in Security Center and whether or not they are automatically synchronized in real time.
  • Cardholder groups and partitions in Security Center are not synchronized with OnGuard.
  • Cardholder and visitor entities and their related properties are synchronized in real time.
  • Custom fields in cardholder profiles are overwritten when a synchronization occurs.
  • There are many types of panels in OnGuard, the plugin only synchronizes access control unit and intrusion detection panels.
  • For each reader in OnGuard, one reader and one door entity is created in Security Center.
  • In the OnGuard System Administration application, user created alarms must have the "Text instructions" setting configured to be synchronized through the OnGuard plugin integration.
OnGuard entity Security Center entity Properties that are synchronized
Lnl_Cardholder Cardholder All related properties
Lnl_Visitor Visitor All related properties
Lnl_Panel Access Control unit or Intrusion detection unit
  • AC and battery state
  • Tamper state
  • Running state
Lnl_Reader Reader and Door
  • Door open and door lock state based on event.
  • Running state based on event.
Lnl_ReaderInput1 Input
  • Input state
  • Running state based on event.
Lnl_ReaderInput2 Input
  • Input state
  • Running state based on event.
Lnl_ReaderOutput1 Output
  • Output state
Lnl_ReaderOutput2 Output
  • Output state
Lnl_Area Area Manual synchronization required
Lnl_IntrusionDoor Door Manual synchronization required
Lnl_IntrusionArea Intrusion Area Manual synchronization required
Lnl_IntrusionZone Input
  • Input state
  • Running state based on event.
Lnl_AlarmDefinition Alarm Manual synchronization required
Lnl_OnboardRelay Alarm Panel Output
  • Name
  • Output state
Lnl_OffboardRelay Alarm Panel Output
  • Name
  • Output state