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The Synergis™ Cloud Link 312 includes three Secure Access Module (SAM) card slots for encryption key storage.

What you should know

Using SAM cards to manage encryption keys means that end-to-end encryption is handled by the SAM card and the user badge. Removing the card reader from the encryption process is important because card readers are often not installed in secure locations.
Synergis Cloud Link system using SAM cards.
Letter Description
A SAM card with encryption keys
B Card reader
C Access card with encryption key


  1. Encode the SAM cards for use with the Synergis™ system.
    For instructions, see Configuring MIFARE SAM AV2 cards.
    NOTE: To optimize performance, install three SAM cards.
  2. Invert the SAM cards so that the metal contacts are on the bottom and insert the cards as shown. The card slots are spring-loaded and click when the cards are properly inserted.
    Synergis Cloud Link with three SAM cards.

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