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When calculating power usage of your access control system, you must account for the power requirements of the Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance as well as other connected hardware.

Synergis Cloud Link power consumption

Synergis Cloud Link Voltage Average operating current Peak operating current
During normal operation and bootup 12 V dc 300 mA 600 mA

Card reader power consumption

The following card reader power consumption information can help you to plan your access control system power requirements.

HID card reader Standby average current a Reading average current b Peak current c
20 60 mA 70 mA 250 mA
20K 65 mA 75 mA 250 mA
40 65 mA 75 mA 250 mA
40K 70 mA 80 mA 250 mA

a Standby average current: RMS current draw without a card in the RF field.

b Read average current: RMS current draw during continuous card reads.

c Peak current: highest instantaneous current draw during RF communication.