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The Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance can be powered using 12 V dc, Power over Ethernet (PoE), or using dual power sources.

Supplying PoE power

You can supply power to the appliance using an Ethernet cable that provides PoE power from a PoE router or injector.
NOTE: The Synergis Cloud Link PoE capability was evaluated by UL for compatibility with Altronix NetWay1 PoE midspan.
IMPORTANT: The Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) must be compliant with IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at type 1, with at least 6.49 W of available power (Class 2).
Synergis Cloud Link powered by PoE.

Supplying 12 V dc power

You can power the appliance using 9-16 V dc from an external power source.
NOTE: The 9-16 V dc range was not evaluated by UL.
Voltage information:
  • Nominal input voltage: 12 V dc
  • Minimum input voltage for guaranteed power-up: 10 V
  • Minimum input voltage before guaranteed automatic shut-off: 9 V
  • Maximum input voltage to guarantee no automatic shut-off: 16 V

9-16 V dc connector pinout

NOTE: The 9-16 V dc range was not evaluated by UL.
Pin Description
+ Input power (+12 Vdc)
- Input power ground (GND)
Synergis Cloud Link powered by 12V dc.

Supplying dual power

If the appliance is provided with both PoE and 12 V dc power, PoE has priority over the 12 V dc input. In this case, the appliance draws all of its current from PoE. If you disconnect the Ethernet 1 cable, or if the PoE source (injector or Ethernet switch) has a failure or a power outage, the appliance falls back automatically and transparently to the 12 V dc input. If PoE is restored, the appliance switches automatically and transparently back to PoE power.

Synergis Cloud Link powered by 12 V dc and PoE.

Grounding the appliance

You must mount the appliance on a grounded metal surface. Alternatively, you can connect a ground wire to one of the mounting screws.