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The Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance has four on-board RS-485 communication channels for connecting I/O interface modules or card readers.

Consider the following when designing your system:

  • The number of modules you can connect to each RS-485 channel depends on the type of interface modules you are installing.
  • You can continue the RS-485 data daisy chain to interface modules outside the enclosure.
  • Synergis Cloud Link does not supply power to RS-485 readers. Readers must be powered directly from a separate power source.

RS-485 connector pinout

Pin Description
+ RS-485 D+ (A)
- RS-485 D- (B)
S Cable shield (GND)

RS-485 termination DIP switches

When you start an RS-485 bus from the Synergis Cloud Link appliance for module or OSDP reader communication, you must set the associated termination DIP switch on the appliance to ON.

NOTE: You must set the termination jumper or add a 120-Ohm resistor on the last connected module or OSDP reader on the RS-485 bus.

In the following example, card readers are connected to two RS-485 communication channels. The corresponding termination DIP switches are set to ON.

Card readers connected to Synergis Cloud Link RS-485 ports.