Applying special labels for cardholders - Otis Compass 3.2

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To have elevators respond differently for specific types of cardholders or cardholder groups, such as a person with a disability or VIP status, you must apply a special label to their profile.

What you should know

  • Special passenger labels are created in the CompassPlus™ system. For more information on how they are configured, contact your Otis representative.
  • Special labels appear in Security Center the first time the Otis Compass plugin role is connected to the CompassPlus™ system.
  • The behavior of elevators changes depending on the settings that were configured for that label in the CompassPlus™ system.
  • If you have multiple Otis systems, you can apply different rules for each system.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access Control task.
  2. Click the Cardholders and credentials view, select a cardholder or cardholder group, and then click the Otis Compass tab.
  3. If you manage more than one Otis system, select a system.
  4. (Optional) To apply the special labels to the selected cardholder, disable Inherit from group.
  5. In the Special labels section, enable the applicable labels.
  6. Click Apply.