Configuring receivers for failover - Receiver 3.1

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.1

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If you have configured a secondary server for the Intrusion Manager role, you must configure the alarm receiver accordingly.

What you should know

Some alarm receivers support a secondary server connection and some support only one server connection. The following table lists how many server connections you can configure for each receiver model and provides instructions for configuring each receiver for failover.
Model Number of server connections Instructions
DMP SCS-VR Virtual Receiver 2 Configure the receiver to send event notifications to both the primary and secondary Security Center servers, so that if a failover occurs, no data is lost.

In the Outbound Automation Connections section:

  • Set the Backup Server Address to the IP address of the secondary Security Center server.
  • Set the Port to match the TCP/IP port set on the secondary Security Center server.

For detailed instructions, refer to the manufacturer's documentation at

Bosch Conettix D6600 and D6100 Receiver Gateway 1 If the role fails over to the secondary server, change the IP address and port settings on the receiver to match.

For details, refer to the manufacturer's documentation