Silencing unmapped intrusion panels connected to alarm receivers - Receiver 3.1

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.1

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Receiver 3.1
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An alarm receiver forwards all event notifications to the Receiver extension. You can configure the extension to ignore notifications from unmapped intrusion panels.

What you should know

  • If you have multiple intrusion panels connected to a single alarm receiver, but you do not want to receive alarms from a specific intrusion panel, do not map the panel to the alarm receiver and turn on Silence unmapped units.
  • Silenced events are not stored in the Intrusion Manager database.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. In the entity tree, select the alarm receiver to which the intrusion panel is connected.
  3. Click the Properties tab.
  4. In the Notifications section, set the Silence unmapped panels slider to ON.
  5. Click Apply.


If an unmapped panel reports an event, the notification is ignored by Security Center.