Adding companies from the Schindler PORT database to Security Center - Schindler Port Elevator 3.0

Schindler PORT Elevator Plugin Guide 3.0

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Schindler Port Elevator 3.0
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Schindler Port Elevator

To add Security Center cardholders to the Schindler PORT database, they must be associated with a company that exists in the Schindler PORT database.

Before you begin

Get the names of the companies found in the Schindler PORT database.

What you should know

The company name is used to synchronize cardholder profiles that appear in both the Schindler PORT and Security Center systems.

The name of the company must be an exact match of the company name in the Schindler PORT system, otherwise elevator dispatch will not work as expected.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the elevator system from the entity browser, and click the Companies tab.
  3. Click the Add an item () button.
  4. In the Add company dialog box, enter the name of the company and click Add.
  5. Click Apply.