What is the Schindler PORT Elevator plugin? - Schindler Port Elevator 3.0

Schindler PORT Elevator Plugin Guide 3.0

Schindler Port Elevator
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The Schindler PORT Elevator plugin integrates the Schindler PORT Technology destination dispatch system into Security Center. Using this plugin, you can manage and monitor your elevator systems and cardholders in Security Center.

You can use the plugin to do the following:
  • Connect the Schindler PORT Elevator plugin role to the Schindler PORT system.
  • Add Schindler PORT elevator systems to Security Center.
  • Create entities (elevators, terminals, floors, and zones) in Security Center to match the physical building that is managed by the Schindler PORT system.
  • Receive and monitor Schindler PORT events in Security Desk as custom events.
  • Assign default floors to cardholders and cardholder groups.
  • Exempt cardholders and cardholder groups from the access control rules.
  • Map elevator cars from the Schindler PORT system to elevator entities in Security Center, and monitor events related to those elevator cars in Security Desk.
  • Investigate past Schindler PORT system events using the following Security Desk reports:
  • Manually dispatch elevators from Security Desk.