Encrypting data in transit and at rest with fusion stream encryption (Advanced) - Security Center 5.11

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Security Center 5.11
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You can enable fusion stream encryption to protect your multimedia streams (video, audio, and so on) in transit and at rest.

What you should know

Data in transit is data that is actively moving from one location to another. Data at rest is data that is stored or archived.

When fusion stream encryption is enabled, unencrypted data streams from your cameras are encrypted by the Archiver role. On request, encrypted data is sent to the requesting client where it is decrypted for presentation. If your video units support encryption, and are connected to the Archiver using HTTPS, then the video is encrypted end-to-end.


  1. Request and install the encryption certificates on the client machines that are authorized to access your company's private data.
  2. Enable encryption on your Archiver or individual cameras.

After you finish

For more information, see What is fusion stream encryption?.