Adding deister proxSafe assets to Security Center after initial synchronization - deister proxSafe 3.1

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After you connect Security Center to Commander, any assets that you add to the Commander system must be added manually in Security Center.

What you should know

  • The first time that you connect the deister proxSafe plugin role to the proxSafe Commander system, all of the assets from the proxSafe system are automatically created in Security Center. After the first connection, new assets must be manually created from Security Center.
  • Roaming KeyTags, which are assets that can be stored in multiple lockers, are not supported, even though they can be nested under the deister proxSafe plugin role in Config Tool.


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, open the proxSafe Asset management task.
  2. In the Asset management tab, click Add ().
    A new asset is created.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the asset.
  4. In the Electronic number field, enter the electronic number of the asset.
    NOTE: The electronic number must be entered in decimal or hexadecimal format. If it is entered in hexadecimal format, the plugin automatically changes it to decimal format, and the number is displayed in hexadecimal format beside the Electronic number field. For more information about reading the electronic number of an asset, see your deister proxSafe documentation.
  5. From the Locker drop-down list, select the locker that the asset is connected to.
  6. Click Apply.


Assets can now have access rules applied to them in the Access rule assignment tab of the plugin role.