Custom fields schema - Card Synchronization 3.2

Card Synchronization Plugin Guide 3.2

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Card Synchronization 3.2
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Card Synchronization

For custom fields to be imported into Security Center, the database view for custom fields must follow the Card Synchronization schema.

  • For each custom field you add, you must create a corresponding custom field in Security Center.
  • Custom fields can be included directly in the cardholder, cardholder group, and credential schemas as additional columns.
  • The schema below is supported for legacy deployments.
Column Data type Description
Mandatory columns
EntityUniqueId String The unique ID of a cardholder, cardholder group, or credential.
EntityType String The value that indicates the entity type:
  • 1 = Cardholder
  • 2 = Cardholder group
  • 4 = Credential
CustomFieldName String The name of the custom field.
CustomFieldValue String The value of the custom field.
The following image is an example of a custom fields view in a Microsoft SQL Server database.