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After importing entities from an external system, if entities appear to be duplicated in Security Center, you can merge them. To help you troubleshoot this issue, learn about its possible causes and their respective solutions.

Entities already existed in Security Center

Description of cause: Prior to import, entities sharing the same values as the imported entities were created in Security Center. The imported entities and the existing entities might appear to be duplicates, but not share all the same values. For example, an imported cardholder and an existing cardholder could share the same first and last name, but not the same email address.

Solution: Select the global key that corresponds with the unique ID of the imported entity to merge the entities.

Deleted plugin was re-created

Description of cause: If data sources were not deleted from the plugin before deleting the plugin, all imported entities remain in Security Center after the plugin is deleted. If you create the plugin again, and then add the same data sources to the new plugin, all the imported entities will be duplicated.

Solution: Merge all the duplicate entities at the same time. Refer to the Best practices for importing entities.