Configuring panic buttons for Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel users - Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0

Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.2.0

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Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0
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Before you can use a panic button on a fob, you must configure the Honeywell holdup alarm event-to-action.

Before you begin

Ensure that your cardholders have panic button-equipped fobs. For more information on setting up fobs, see your Honeywell documentation.


  1. From the Config Tool homepage, open the System task and click the General settings view.
  2. Click the Actions page.
  3. Click Add an item ().
    The Event-to-action window opens.
  4. From the When list, select the event type Honeywell Intrusion: Holdup alarm.
  5. From the From list, select a cardholder.
  6. From the Action list, select Trigger alarm.
  7. From the Alarm list, select InputAlarm.
  8. Click Save.
    The Event-to-action window.


The event-to-action is enabled for the panic button on the cardholder's fob. if the cardholder presses the button, it triggers an alarm in the Security Desk Alarm Monitoring task.